San Marco + French

Tree Service, LLC.

Lawrence, Kansas


* Pruning

  1. *Technical Removals

  2. *Hazardous Storm Damage Cleanup

  3. *Stump Grinding

  4. *Lot Clearing

  5. *Saw Mill Services

  6. *Firewood + Mulch Sales


Our goal is to maintain the health of your trees and the safety of everyone living around them. Dead or diseased limbs and trees over your house, power lines, or drive way are potential hazards. When pruning, we always strive to keep the natural shape and esthetic of your trees. A properly pruned tree will heal correctly and live a long happy life providing shade, beauty, and greater value to your property.  We value the health of your trees and pride ourselves on doing our best to keep your trees alive and thriving.


We are a small owner operated, fully insured and licensed company. We offer free estimates and consultations. We guarantee competitive rates for our services and offer payment plan options for larger jobs.


Our Services + Specialities